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Customers love Office Solutions

Customers love Office Solutions

Interior decorators and office designers love SIGEL Office Solutions. Read about their experiences of how teams work together more creatively with SIGEL solutions, and how beautifully designed products add a fresh touch to a new workplace.

SIGEL Reference - Innovation Natives Meet up
SIGEL Reference - Innovation Natives Meet up


Which tools and options should a modern office provide to enable staff to shine? At Innovation Natives, mobility and flexibility are the top trends when it comes to office design.

Innovation Natives, a development office for innovations, uses Meet up. Matthias Abel, the managing director, offered his employees the opportunity to design their own workplace in the way that “works best for them”. And Meet up was what they chose. The staff can now get creative around the mobile office board in any way they like – sitting on the floor or standing at the lectern, as Meet up adapts quickly and easily to any situation. The mobile stand can be quickly rolled around the office to the place where it is needed.

SIGEL Reference - Büro Optimal Artverum Meet up
SIGEL Reference - Büro Optimal Artverum Meet up


There is no such thing as a master plan for the ideal office. Despite this, we shouldn’t ignore trends such as hybrid working, i.e. the combination of working in the office and from home, Reinhard Flügel believes.


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What our customers say

We have chosen the Artverum magnetic glass boards to enable our colleagues to work in a contemporary, collaborative environment. These boards are highly functional tools for brainstorming and visualisation in offices and meeting rooms. What’s more, they score highly with their unique design and highest standards of safety and quality.
Reference Hays Recruiting expert worldwide
Yvonne Strobach
We regularly use Meet up for our sprints, but it also has many everyday applications. Meet up is especially popular during workshops and meetings, as well as for plans and outlines at the desk. Its user-friendliness and wide range of uses are an absolute highlight: the boards are quick and easy to transport on the castors.
Referenz Wüstenrot Bausparkasse AG
Carmen Wittmer
Wüstenrot Bausparkasse AG
With Sound Balance, we have equipped our office with an effective sound-proofing solution that is easy to upgrade. What we particularly like about the wall absorbers is that they are so easy to mount.
Reference Raumweltenheiss
Holger Heiss
Raumweltenheiss GmbH
When we first came across SIGEL and the Artverum glass whiteboards, we quickly became convinced that you have a really positive way of doing business. I have to say that the support we had von SIGEL was excellent, and it made us want to work with them again. I’m really keen to do so. Let me put it this way: you’ve won me over.
SIGEL reference Büro Optimal
Reinhard Flügel
Büro Optimal Planungs- und Einrichtungs GmbH
Meet up plays a special role due to its weight and quality alone. It is a pleasant way to add structure to a room and automatically creates a point of focus that people gravitate to and work around.
SIGEL reference Innovation Natives
Matthias Abel
Innovation Natives GmbH Co. KG
SIGEL Managing Director Götz Stamm


“For me, New Work is not just a megatrend. It describes a radical change that calls a large part of our current working world into question and, at the same time, transforms it into a new, far more agile variant. New Work places the spotlight on the creativity and potential of our employees.” – Götz Stamm, Managing Director