Work creatively

Brainstorming, agile and collaborative work are key factors in your new work success. Discover how you can establish creative ways of working with innovative SIGEL product solutions.

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Work motivated

A beautiful work environment increases the efficiency and well-being of all employees. SIGEL supports you with a variety of products and solutions to increase your productivity.

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Work efficiently

The desire for efficient work processes is growing. It is all the more important to use well-thought-out product solutions. SIGEL products offer you professional solutions.

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Premium products for new work

Meet Up

Creative and agile methods can be used anywhere with Meet up - whether in the meeting room, in the lounge area or even directly at the workplace.
With the agile boards big ideas can run in the smallest of spaces.

Artverum Glas-Magnettafeln - repräsentative Räume gestalten


The Artverum glass magnetic boards: multifunctional, representative design objects for successful collaboration and organization.
The boards with their free-floating, clean look are not just beautiful design objects to look at, they are also masters of functionality.

SIGEL Akustik-Lösung Sound Balance - Wandpaneele

Sound Balance

SIGEL acoustic elements Sound Balance are powerful and highly effective room absorbers for better room acoustics. With their timeless design, they enhance any work environment. All elements of the product line can be used flexibly, are easy to assemble and a real eye-catcher - for motivated employees in an agile work environment.


Conceptum notebooks, notepads & journals

The external storage for agile work

Notebooks, notepads & journals from the Conceptum series are ideal companions for meetings and meetings. They capture your ideas and thoughts, encourage you to sketch and support your cognitive brain power when writing. In a notebook, you can quickly record calls from colleagues and won't forget them.

Conceptum: These are elegant notebooks, notepads & journals with a unique surface. The high quality is not only visible, but also tangible. The Conceptum surface is robust and insensitive.


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Courage, innovative spirit and flexibility have been our hallmarks for over 70 years. We have developed from a provider of forms with great passion to a solution provider for inspired, motivated and creative work. As our customer, you are the focus of our product development. Only you can tell us what you need for your daily business.

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