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SIGEL: The company that gives shape to ideas.
It’s all about freedom. The freedom of a thought, an idea, of inspiration. We help people unlock their full potential.
The time was ripe for new ideas.
Über SIGEL Idee

The time was ripe for new ideas.

After the Second World War, when the brothers Arnold and Richard Sigel were creating solutions to manifest thoughts, strategies and plans, they found themselves in the right place at the right time. They laid the foundations to enable diligence, courage and hard work to lead to efficiency. As the country began to rebuild itself, their optimism in their ideas helped to hasten the German “economic miracle”.
From the past to the future.
Über SIGEL Qualitäts-Artikel

From the past to the future.

SIGEL has developed into a company that now gives shape to ideas with 1,800 top-quality products, along with contemporary digitalisation and software solutions.
SIGEL paves the way for talent.
Über SIGEL Talent

SIGEL paves the way for talent.

Each development supports people who want to make a difference – whether on a small or large scale. After all, every idea needs a place to grow.

Clients who trust us

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At SIGEL, New Work is a way of life

For me, New Work is not just a mega-trend. It describes a radical change that challenges large parts of our current working world and, at the same time, gives it a new, far more agile form. New Work puts the spotlight on our employees’ creativity and potential.
SIGEL Geschäftsführer Götz Stamm
Götz Stamm
Managing Director at SIGEL
I think of New Work as working flexibly without being tied to a particular location. It means discovering new, unfamiliar ways of working creatively and, above all, gives me new insights about myself and the way I work.
SIGEL Mitarbeiterin Jil Schütz
Jil Schütz
Business Development Manager at SIGEL
As I see it, New Work describes a contemporary work environment that addresses the needs of the people working in it. That’s why I understand New Work as something that puts the focus on people. The central values of New Work are autonomy, freedom and community.
SIGEL - Daniel Petrasch - Leitung Supply Chain / Finanzen / HR
Daniel Petrasch
Head of Supply Chain / Finance / Personnel at SIGEL
I see New Work as a new workplace culture, part of which is enjoying your job. It means using agile and digital working methods. Open, transparent collaborations in changing, inter-departmental project teams. The dismantling of hierarchies – the manager becomes the coach.
SIGEL - Sylvia Markl - Assistenz Geschäftsführung
Sylvia Markl
Assistant to the Managing Director at SIGEL
I see new forms of personal collaboration as an integral part of New Work and contemporary work environments. There are a huge number of ways of creating a pleasant, productive atmosphere in the workplace. At the same time, it is important to consistently develop these solutions further.
SIGEL - Jochen Mokry - Anwendungsentwickler
Jochen Mokry
Application Developer at SIGEL
I believe that customer centricity plays a crucial role in the context of New Work. With regard to the way we will work in the future, it will be important to react flexibly to the different requirements that arise. Every business will have to think about who their customers are and how best to cater to their needs.
SIGEL - Ruth Schefstos - Key Account Manager
Ruth Schefstos
Key Account Manager at SIGEL
In my opinion, New Work is all about teamwork. We can only successfully carry out current and future tasks in a team in which each person contributes their own personal strengths. Using a combination of our existing know-how and our willingness to go in new directions, we can create new work environments.
SIGEL - Oliver Mayr - Projektmanager
Oliver Mayr
Project Manager at SIGEL
Mission Statement
Das Unternehmen SIGEL Teaser

Mission Statement

As the driving force of innovation in the modern work environment, SIGEL is shaping the future: We make effective, successful working possible. Now as well as in the years ahead, our focus lies on the human element.