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Modular board-system

In the context of modern work environments, agile work methods require products and solutions that add structure to the project workflow.

This is where the Mocon board system comes into play, a multifunctional, mobile office collection that creates a perfect overview of all current projects involving collaborative work and creative processes. The centrepiece of the system is the range of portable boards: the whiteboards, acoustic boards and acrylic glass boards are there to record ideas. Slotted into different board-securing systems, they are practical assistants on the wall, at your desk or when moving around the building.
Mocon - The modular board system

Product highlights

Multifunctional: The Mocon board system comes into its own as a complete collection during agile project work, but the individual products can also be used separately

Easy to combine: There are three different options for securing the various boards – for use at your workspace or on the move

Mobile: The system components can be used in all situations, no matter when or where. Just take them to where the work is being done.

Creative: Ideas, notes, information, sketches – simply jot them down to keep as a visual aid or to use during brainstorming sessions

Versatile: All of the boards are available in the latest trend colours and a choice of sizes – for every application and every office

High-quality: Unique board system in the tried and trusted SIGEL quality