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Desk Sharing Accessories

Flexibility is becoming more important than ever, a fact that is also true of the workplace. Going from the office to your home office, or moving between workspaces: the agility of these new work concepts calls for innovative product solutions, enabling contemporary work methods to be applied successfully and efficiently.

The SIGEL range includes a variety of practical, high-quality desk-sharing accessories that allow you to move flexibly from one workspace to another. Take, for example, our Move it range.

This range includes desk-sharing bags, which are ideal for working in different workspaces within the office, as well as for people alternating between working from home and on site. And if you need to quickly swap desks, our roll-up desk pads are the fastest way to gather and transport your desk utensils.

Desk Sharing-Zubehör

Product highlights

Desk-sharing bag: Do you have the flexibility to choose your own workspace? Our desk-sharing bags made of felt come with five spacious insert pockets and a shoulder strap. The bags are available in two different sizes to fit a laptop or the Move it box.

Roll-up desk pad: Add a splash of colour to your workspace with our roll-up desk pads, 80 x 30 cm in size. They are made of high-quality faux leather and are waterproof. Both sides of the desk pad can be used, and are large enough for a keyboard and mouse. Available in yellow-grey, blue-green, black-red, black-black and pink-silver.