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Diaries, Calendars & Planners

There are weeks when the appointments come thick and fast. At the office, you hurry from one meeting to the next, or dash out to meet your customers. At home you juggle exercising, invitations from friends and parents’ evenings at your children’s school. Sound all too familiar? Then it’s good to know that the SIGEL diaries, calendars and planners will help you keep tabs on everything. No matter what your planner style is, we have the ideal scheduling aid for all your needs. All your appointments for the year fit into our bound planners, which come in a choice of formats with practical additional features. Choose between daily or weekly planners, a book from the classy Conceptum collection or one from the feminine Jolie range. The monthly planner notebooks are the more compact option, without having to compromise on quality. The SIGEL desktop planner provides an overview of the whole working week that sits on your desk. 

Diaries, calendars and planners

Product highlights

SIGEL calendars, diaries and planners help you to always have your appointments at hand and to be perfectly organised. They are clearly arranged, of high quality workmanship and equipped with numerous functions. They give you a prompt overview, enable you to plan ahead and summarise retrospectively. Goodbye to appointment chaos!

SIGEL calendars are available in a wide variety of variations:

Weekly calendars, daily calendars, weekly notebooks, monthly calendar booklets or desk calendars.