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Whiteboards & Magnetic Boards

The large Artverum glass whiteboards are multifunctional and at the same time representative surfaces for successful collaboration, project and teamwork. They promote the uncomplicated transfer of knowledge and exchange for better understanding and more inspiration. The glass whiteboards are large, free-floating and frameless. Several whiteboards can be ideally combined next to each other on the wall. SIGEL offers an innovative product concept for agile and collaborative work: Meet up - the first mobile complete board system for agile work. Consisting of whiteboard, pinboard and mobile stand, it can be used on the move and is perfect for spontaneous meetings even without a fixed meeting room, anytime and anywhere. The mobile boards for writing or pinning are stable and of high quality, yet easy to handle and flexible in use. Project and team work becomes easier, more flexible and more efficient - and even more fun.

Glass Whiteboards for agile work

Product highlights

Glass whiteboards Artverum: Cleaner, free-floating & frameless look with high-quality and easy-care glass surface. Writable with glass board markers in different colours. Magnetic with SIGEL Superdym magnets. The glass whiteboards are strong in design and have won several awards and nominations.

Mobile whiteboard Meet up: Meet up is a complete board system solution (consisting of pinboard, whiteboard, stand, wall rail and accessories), which is mobile, flexible and multifunctional for the application of agile & creative working methods - ideas to go, anywhere, anytime.

Glass magnet boards Design & LED: Stylish and representative design objects with and without LED for reception areas, lobbies and conference rooms. The modern magnetic boards combined with the materiality of glass create an appealing look and ensure a representative external effect.