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3D data standard OFML

3D data standard OFML

On this page you will find everything you need to know about the OFML 3D data standard. Benefit from the fact that many of our products are already available as 3D data in the OFML standard.
What is OFML?
3D-Datenstandard OFML

What is OFML?

OFML stands for “Office Furniture Modeling Language” and is a 3D data standard for German office furniture manufacturers. You can use OFML data professionally with standard 3D software and planning tools such as pCon – from 3D planning to commercial processing. The advantages are plain to see: you can rely on a uniform industrial standard, which means your data is more widely available and can be processed more quickly than if you use other, less common formats.
How can you access this data?
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How can you access this data?

Our 3D product data is primarily available through the pCon planning software. In the following, we will show you how to proceed to get your data.
You already use the pCon.planner
If you already use the pCon.planner and are registered for pCon.update:
Log in through Easterngraphics with the user data that you received when you registered for pCon.update.
Select “SIGEL GmbH” in the “Subscriptions” menu and then click on “Accept”.
You will receive email confirmation of the changes. Any new content you request has to be approved by SIGEL before you can use it. You will be informed by email as soon as the approval has been confirmed. SIGEL may contact you if any questions arise.
You have not yet used the pCon.planner
If you have not yet used the pCon.planner or are not registered for pCon.update:
Download and install the current version of the pCon.planner. Then register for the pCon.update (fees apply). This fee-paying service has the following advantages for you: 
Automatic application updates via pCon.update
Open list of suppliers with numerous manufacturers that may be of interest to you
Support for the installation, start-up and ongoing operation of pCon.update