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Acoustic Absorbers

For increased noise pollution in multi-person or group offices, we have developed the Sound Balance acoustic solution. The various acoustic elements are highly effective acoustic absorbers which can be integrated excellently in any room and retrofitted without great effort. As wall panels or free-standing partitions and columns, individually or in combination, all of which can be extended with functional elements - the well-designed absorbers reduce the noise level and increase the well-being of the employees. The result: efficient, successful and motivated work. The acoustic elements are available in three modern colour variants.

These beautifully designed sound absorbers reduce the noise level and increase staff well-being. The result is an increase in efficiency, success and motivation among employees. The acoustic elements are available in three contemporary colours.

SIGEL Akustik-Lösung Sound Balance - Ruhe fördern

Product highlights

Best performance: Our products comply with absorber classes A and B.

Holistic solutions: Based on our new-work expertise, we offer holistic support in acoustic room planning - in one system for walls and rooms.

TÜV-certified: SIGEL Sound Balance acoustic absorbers bear the GS mark of TÜV Süd for tested product safety.

Unique design and high product quality: We combine timeless design with high quality materials and workmanship.