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Acoustic Solutions Sound Balance

We have developed the Sound Balance acoustic solution to help combat the increase in noise disturbance in shared offices and open-plan offices. These diverse acoustic elements are highly effective sound absorbers that integrate perfectly into any room and are simple to retrofit. Available as wall panels or free-standing movable walls, room dividers and columns, they can be used separately or in combination with other elements. All elements can also be used in combination with the functional accessories.

These beautifully designed sound absorbers reduce the noise level and increase staff well-being. The result is an increase in efficiency, success and motivation among employees. The acoustic elements are available in three contemporary colours.

SIGEL Akustik-Lösung Sound Balance - Ruhe fördern

Product highlights

The Sound Balance acoustic elements with their contemporary design are highly effective and easy to mount. This makes them the ideal sound absorbers for retrofitting modern office worlds.

  • High sound absorption classes (A/B)

  • Beautifully design, high product quality

  • Easy to retrofit; multifunctional

What Sound Balance delivers:

Iconic Awards 2020

Awarded the Iconic Awards 2020 Innovative Interior.

A'Design Award


SIGEL Akustik-Lösung Sound Balance - TÜV- & GS-geprüft
Certified safety standards

GS-approved product safety and TUEV-approved product features.

SIGEL Akustik-Lösung Sound Balance - Geprüfter Brandschutz
Certified fire safety

All of the acoustic elements meet the requirements of Fire Safety Class B2.

SIGEL Akustik-Lösung Sound Balance mit multifunktionalem Zubehör
Multifunctional elements

The surface of all the acoustic elements can be used as a pinboard.