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Artverum glass whiteboards

The large Artverum glass whiteboards are prestigious, multipurpose work surfaces for successful collaboration, project work and teamwork. They enable an uncomplicated transfer of knowledge and exchange of ideas that results in more understanding and inspiration among coworkers. The glass whiteboards have a large surface area and are mounted free-floating without a frame. Several whiteboards can be combined in a row to produce large-scale work surfaces for big ideas. Perfect for agile working methods such as Scrum, Kanban, Prototyping and many others. These glass whiteboards are available in a variety of sizes up to 240 x 120 cm. A wide range of accessories, such as whiteboard magnets and pens, facilitate the successful use of agile methods.

SIGEL - Glas-Whiteboards Artverum für Brainstorming und Kollaboration

Product highlights

A clean, free-floating look without a frame, with a high-quality, easy-care glass surface. Easy to write on with glass board markers in different colours. Magnetic in combination with SIGEL SuperDym magnets. The Artverum glass whiteboards are beautifully designed and have both won and been nominated for several design prizes.

  • Safety glass

  • TUEV and GS-approved

  • 25-year guarantee

  • Award-winning design