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Guaranteed For InkJet klein
Guaranteed For InkJet klein

Item number IF 110

Inkjet Transparency Film

coated, 100mic, 10sht
  • High-quality transparency films for overhead projectors
  • Special coating to meet the high requirements of inkjet printers
  • Dries in seconds - ready to use immediately after printing
  • Simple to process using the automatic document feeder (suitable for auto-feed)
  • Suitable for all standard inkjet printers


The transparent, specially coated inkjet transparency films, A4, are ideal for both black/white and colour prints. Because they dry within seconds, they can be used immediately after printing. The films are suitable for batch processing and can be fed into the printer from the paper tray. For all inkjet printers. The pack contains 10 sheets.

Product specifications

  • Quantity: 10 films
  • For double-sided printouts : no
  • DIN format: A4
  • Color: transparent
  • Colour family: transparent
  • Film thickness: 100 µm
  • Paper weight: 100 g/m²
  • NEW: no
  • Product Filter: Inkjet Acetate Sheets
  • Product category: Acetate Sheets

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