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Meet up agile board system

Agile work methods shape the working day. There are many different types, such as Kanban, Scrum, Brain Writing, Design Thinking, to name just a few. All of these methods aim to improve project work and teamwork, making it more efficient. This requires flexibility and creativity from the team, and the tools for agile work methods have to be geared towards this. That’s why SIGEL has developed an innovative product concept for agile, collaborative work: Meet up, the first complete mobile board system for agile work. Comprising a whiteboard, pinboard and a rolling stand on casters, the set-up can be moved around as required, making it ideal for impromptu meetings, even if no room is available. Anytime and anywhere. These mobile whiteboards and pinboards are sturdy and high-quality, yet easy to use and highly versatile. Project work and teamwork become easier, more flexible and more efficient – and are more fun, too!